Web Standards

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Why are they important?

In the world of websites and web development there are often numerous ways to accomplish the same result. This is great until your website is using so many of these different methodologies that it becomes increasingly harder to maintain it.

I approach every project with a core set of standards in mind. These standards are the most secure, up to date, and scalable so your product is always on the cutting edge.

Using these universally accepted standards also means that, should the worst occur and I no longer maintain your product, someone else would very easily be able to assist you. This means less cost for you because the project will not have to start from scratch.

Being as efficient as possible is my #1 goal.

Following a set of well-documented standards makes anyone's job easier. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel?

Having a solid foundation already in place for each product I create means turnaround times are drastically reduced which means you can be up and running that much faster.